Catalogues & Brochures translation

Catalogues & Brochures

Advertise your products and services on the Polish market

Translation of brochures and catalogues is an important tool for advertising your company. They are an indispensable source of information about your business, its products and services. This makes them a major support for your marketing strategy.

Brochure and catalogue translation must take into account every aspect of the marketing strategy and its place in the general message targeted at the prospective customers. It is of prime importance for brochures, catalogues and other advertising materials to convey the right message in the target language.

Attract prospective customers

Our translators are experts who translate only into their native language. Our team of DTP experts and editors will do their best to make your materials look appealing for prospective customers.

We have all the tools and means to provide you with an excellent translation of brochures and catalogues. Our services are right on target in terms of the requirements specific to marketing communications. We understand that this kind of business communications requires a top-level expertise to be successfully translated.

Global marketing is a major part of business. Most emerging companies drive their business forward by introducing products and services into the global market. At this stage, a correct brochure and catalogue translation becomes indispensable for breaking into a new market.

What can we do for you?

  • We translate content in a professional way
  • We work on the text in keeping with marketing strategy
  • We verify the subject-matter and proofread the translated text
  • We take care of the graphics design
  • We pay attention to detail that will help you make your mark on the Polish market
  • We create one-of-the-kind graphic design

Impeccable spelling and correct wording in commercial texts are a gateway to success and a means of bolstering the loyalty and trust that customers put into your company. If international customers do not understand your message, they will turn to those whose message is clear. Well translated brochures and catalogues will give you a competitive edge. Every detail counts in advertising materials. The right layout, choice of font and correct hyphenation are the details not to be overlooked when creating a quality product.

IntoPolish experts do not stop their work at translation. Our team is made up of experts who have attained a high level of expertise and experience. Their task is to provide a specialised revision. What you get in result is a thoroughly verified text, meeting generally accepted industry standards.