Data sheets translation

Data Sheets

Skilful DTP, terminological consistency

Data sheets (also known as spec sheets) are documents containing basic product information such as functionality, technical characteristics and parameters. Sometimes those materials also include marketing contents. According to the so-called labelling act, the manufacturer of a powered device is obliged to provide a data sheet in a native language of the target market.

The specific requirement for this kind of texts is the the consistency of key information regarding items delivered by the manufacturer. Data sheets represent a major editorial challenge. Specific data sheets are frequently content-interrelated. Any corrections must be coherent across all the files provided by the customer. What matters the most in this context are conscientiousness and experience

What can we do for you?

  • We develop the contents in every detail
  • We focus on terminological consistency
  • We adjust the contents to the target readers' needs
  • We watch over the graphics design

The intoPolish team are proud of a remarkable volume of data sheets translated. Extensive editorial experience makes us the right people to turn to if you want to ensure that your data sheets comply with the highest industry standards. Our focus is on terminological consistency. To achieve it, we implement the proven quality assurance procedures. We cooperate with our clients in the revision process making the text compliant with the company internal language. This way, our terminology bank is being continuously extended, which enables us to provide our clients with consistent translations.