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Translating materials for your industry, such as brochures, catalogues and user manuals is quite a challenge for translation agencies. Setting those texts into the foreign language context is a result of a multi-stage process based on cooperation of experts in various fields. A specialised translation is a painstaking task, yet it is just a part of the process.

We take care of every stage of this process

Our goal is to provide you with the materials meeting the most stringent quality standards. To achieve this, we implement the proven procedures of texts handling. Each expert in the process has clearly defined responsibilities. They convert your text into an editable format. An adequately prepared text file is transferred to the translator who focuses solely on translation. Proofreading is the final stage of the process. Marketing content requires precise wording and elegant style. The correctness of technical information in the text is verified in cooperation with the client. This ensures that your text is compliant with the generally accepted industry and corporate vocabulary.

What can we do for you?

  • We offer neat and accurate translation
  • We oversee text quality
  • We adjust the content to the customers' needs
  • We make your message come across
  • We design remarkable graphics to support the text
  • We give your company a competitive edge
  • We commit to advertising your company in the Internet

Your materials in our eyes

Our work does not stop at the professional text management. The intoPolish team is also made up of DTP experts who take care of the visual side of the documents. It is no secret that visual appeal of marketing materials is, to a great extent, responsible for a choice of product or service provider. That is why good graphics of catalogues and brochures are a major part of a marketing campaign. The way the products are showcased influences the prospective customers' perception of the company. We do our best to prepare materials in accordance with high graphic standards, making you gain an upper hand over your competition.

Did you know that...

  • successful communication with your prospective customers is a key factor in expanding into a foreign market?
  • successful communication with your customers is a way of strengthening their loyalty?
  • successful marketing message must be appealing to all the senses?

Optimal final product

We ensure high quality through care of every detail. This makes the materials we prepare comply with key industry standards. We care about your success so we do our best to provide you with a successful marketing tool comprising perfectly suited elements. Not only do we translate words but we also transfer the message behind those words. We manage the term base to make our translations accurate and professional. The translated content is adjusted to Polish mentality with customers' aesthetic sensitivity in mind. Our pre-translation processes put emphasis on formatting to make the final product visually appealing. The final product must comply with a number of standards. Only after the acceptance of the language and substantive, as well as visual and technical aspects can we consider the materials ready for printing, because the intoPolish team cares about a professional image of your company.