Polish Translation and Localisation of Mobile Applications

Polish Translation & Localisation of Mobile Applications

Natural communication without language barriers

Many things have changed since first smart phones entered the market. At first, they were taken with a pinch of salt, as yet another technical novelty. Today, their number has exceeded 1.5 billion. A natural consequence of this is an increase of interest in mobile applications that have become a necessary convenience used on daily basis by thousands of people.

Mobile applications determine the brand’s value. When evaluating, their users pay attention to many characteristics, like layout aesthetic, intuitive operation but first and foremost usability in a broad sense. The last one is significantly affected by the way of communication. As a result, making applications available in their users’ mother tongues has become the norm.

Good Polish translation of your application = more downloads

A natural way of translating your application builds the trust of your customers and a positive image of your brand. This contributes to the increase in the number of downloads and consequently brings rapid benefits to your company. However, the main challenge are increasing customers’ expectations. Providing the customers with applications in their own language versions is by far not enough any more, as a perfect application should give an impression of having been made in the customers’ native language.

Increase your brand’s reach thanks to the application localisation into Polish

A language localisation consists in adapting the functional elements to the particularities of the target markets. This involves all special cultural and language aspects specific to a particular country. The content is also tailored to the preferred way of communication in the group of target users. As a result, the communication barrier is overcome, which hugely increases your chances to succeed on foreign markets.

Every four person in the world uses a smart phone.

Companies that are not able to provide access to some interesting applications put themselves at risk of losing their customers.

The most popular ones are the social applications.

Polish Translation & Localisation of Games

Computer games have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment. The thesis of an ever expanding group of players is borne out by the figures. The number of games users is estimated at up to 7 million, which means that every five Pole favours this way of spending their free time. It is not a secret that the turnovers of games publishers are rapidly increasing. The Polish gaming market is estimated at 650 million PLN and is showing an upward trend.

The most popular are narrative role-playing games and the secret behind their success is in the methods of extending their reach. The computer games publishers are perfectly aware that the game is able to conquer the world only when the players can feel that it has been designed especially for them. It goes without saying that the characters need to speak the languages of target users. Is the mere translation of contents enough in this case?

From translation to localisation

Preparing an adequate translation of a computer game requires from the translator a high level of diversified competences. This kind of translation usually combines characteristics of marketing, technical and literature translations. There is therefore a need for stylistic abilities enriched by the IT knowledge but also the awareness of the game context.

And yet the key to success is not only a correct translation. Due to the fact that the computer game is a very complex product, the end effect is a result of a multi-stage work. The translation needs to be supplemented by localisation that aims at adapting the text to the customs as well as cultural and language norms observed in the respective countries. Only then does the final result get a chance to be accepted by the users who should perceive the message in a foreign language in the way they would perceive the same message in their mother tongue.

Why choose our localisation services into Polish?

  • Comprehensiveness
    We perform a comprehensive localisation process that does not end with translating the contents of your game. We also execute translations of manuals, readme files, games packages, websites, user interface and any text graphics.
  • Coherence
    Our advantage is the interdisciplinary nature of our team. This allows us to offer you the translation of all text and graphic elements of your game. The outcome is a complete and coherent translation obtained thanks to the use of professional content management tools.
  • Competences
    Our team is made up of specialists in many fields. Thus, working on gaming localisation projects, we combine language and stylistic skills with a great knowledge of audiovisual media.

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