Polish Technical Translations

Polish Technical Translations

Technical texts & industry jargon

Our focus lies in technical translations. We have extensive experience & qualifications needed to deliver translations of specialist texts in a professional and comprehensive way. Our team executes translation projects for companies from numerous industries, such as building industry, electronics, IT and engineering.

This is where we combine our language and expert knowledge. As a result, we are able to maintain strict industry standards of translations and graphics, such as technical drawings, electrical diagrams. We work with all files formats.

Our focus is primarily on the translation accuracy, i.e. among others the use of correct technical language. In our work, we apply professional terminology management tools that are continuously enriched and updated.

Equally important, we respect the internal terminology incorporated in your translation. As a result, the materials delivered to our customers are refined in every detail and ready to use.

How is our offer for Polish technical translations different?

  • Materials perfectly developed from a linguistic, technical and graphic point of view
  • Compliance with the communication strategy of a respective brand
  • Highest level of aesthetics and usability
  • Style, terminology and graphics coherence of all materials
  • Availability of different services from one source
  • Professional text management in accordance with formatting rules
  • Time and money saving
  • Language & technical advice
  • Technical support (e.g. publishing the contents on your website)

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