Text preparation

Pre-translation procedure

A well-prepared text is cost-effective

A file well prepared before translation offers a number of benefits and is cost-effective. We take a case-specific approach to each text by planning an adequate and optimal pre-translation procedure. We optimise a text in the quotation phase so that you get the best possible service which includes the discount for repetitions and items such as catalogue numbers, part designations and comments.

Did you know that...

well translated technical texts are a result of multi-field expert cooperation?

A well-prepared text means excellent quality

Each member of the intoPolish team is designated a specific task. There are separate persons to handle the pre-translation process and the translation proper. Therefore, the translator can focus solely on effective and punctual translation. The implementation of such a work flow offers a number of benefits for the client as it is cost-effective and makes the translation be ready for a due date.

intoPolish comprises experts who constitute a team that brings together expertise and skills of its individual members. Thus, we do our job in a comprehensive manner that is far beyond the scope of one person. A precise breakdown of work means we take a multi-faceted approach to the task. A single translation is taken care of by linguists, DTP experts and proofreaders who thoroughly review the materials, which guarantees high quality. This philosophy guarantees top quality