Translation and Localisation of Machine and Device Interfaces

Translation & Localisation of Machine & Device Interfaces

Making your products and services more understandable on the Polish market

It is not a secret that customers are getting more and more involved in new technologies. Their consumer awareness and consequently their product expectations have risen significantly. Entering foreign markets poses a challenge for many companies, as overcoming geographical barriers is strictly related to overcoming communication barriers.

A proven method of expanding your customer reach is adapting the functional elements to the local standards. It is crucial to prepare your interface in a professional way, since this is what the end user interacts with. A good practice of companies willing to ensure high quality of customer service comprises translating the contents into a target language as well as adapting language and culture elements to their equivalents from the respective countries.

Translating interfaces requires high language and technical abilities. All commands and messages need to be clear and understandable for the user but also coherent with the previous versions of the product. Also, the content needs to be consistent with the graphic elements. Attention should be given to the correct display and font sizing. All these factors affect the usability of your application or software that is the most important criterion when it comes to the product evaluation.

What do you get as part of the interface localisation service?

  • Translation of text elements
  • Coherence of translation ensured by professional contents management tools
  • Compliance with the manual
  • A comprehensive translation of all elements of your product (dialogue boxes, menus, subtitles, status & error messages as well as any documents and manuals, marketing texts for customers)
  • Adapting the contents for the requirements of the target market
  • Reciprocal alignment of text and graphic elements
  • Language & technical support