Types of Documents

File formats you can entrust us

In today's ever changing world companies circulate digital materials in various, often highly technical formats. Translators do not always have sufficient skills or necessary tools to process and convert those formats. More often than not clients' materials are handled by advertising agencies which extract the text and pass it on for translation. Then, the translated content is converted back into the original format. Such a procedure generates additional costs and increases the risk of making more mistakes, especially if the person responsible for the DTP part of the job is not fluent in the target language.

We take a comprehensive approach to those tasks. Translators and DTP specialists are in a close cooperation all along the process of preparing the materials.

PDF is the most common format in which clients hand the materials over for translation. PDF is, in principle, a non-editable format or its editability is at least highly limited. The best solution would be for the client to provide the translator with the source files. If this is impossible, we convert the file into an editable format according to layout rules, which results in a file that is as similar as possible to the source file (PDF -> Word conversion), or the same as the source file (PDF -> InDesign conversion). more on PDF conversion

InDesign is becoming more and more popular in Desktop Publishing and is used in creating catalogues, brochures, leaflets and data sheets. Our experts will take care of your materials at each stage of the process of translation and proofreading. more on desktop publishing

FrameMaker is often used for generating large (several thousand pages), interconnected documents such as product catalogues and technical documentation. We have an expert knowledge of this format. Our experts will handle your materials with skill so that you receive the text with exactly the same structure, tagging, hyperlinking and indexing as in the source file. more on desktop publishing

Websites - we can translate website texts based on any technology, upload and implement the ready content into your website. more on translation and promoting your website

We accept files in all common formats, such as the ones listed above. However, we also deliver materials in unusual formats. We have the knowledge and tools needed to professionally convert different formats. As a result, the translated document will look just like the original. Receive your individual offer - go to our Quote Form

What can we do for you?

  • We work with all formats of documents
  • We prepare the files
  • We work in accordance with formatting rules
  • We optimize costs