Desktop Publishing

The price for translation is calculated based on the number of words, specific languages and on how complex the subject-matter and graphics are.


Graphic work with files for translation

You don’t have specialized desktop-publishing skills?

Don’t worry. We will take care of your images and graphics. Just realize one obvious fact: visual effect play a crucial role in expanding your customer base. Now you are a step closer to success.

What can we do for you?

  • We work with materials to be printed, using popular InDesign and FrameMaker software, and, if needed, we convert the content of PDF files into the MS Word or into one of the above-mentioned formats.
  • Our team of graphics designers will ensure your materials make the right visual impression.
  • We take care of your materials throughout the process: from pre-translation tasks to generating files for the printing house.
  • We help you build the professional image of your company!
  • We also carry out ambitious graphic design projects that really appeal to customers’ senses

Why is graphic design so important?

For good reasons! Firstly, the visual aspect of advertising materials gives customers’ first impression of your brand. It is equally important for the layout to be  clear as it helps the audience better absorb information. By combining linguistic knowledge, graphic design skills and marketing know-how we are able to create a coherent concept for showcasing your company with words and images.

Files in the InDesign or FrameMaker formats?
It is not an issue for us!

Our software tools include the InDesign and FrameMaker Therefore we can manage a wide range of source file formats. We take care of your materials throughout the process – from translating to editing to professional desktop publishing.

Depending on the purpose of the use of documents, we implement adequate processes and procedures to provide you with the best possible end-product.

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What are the benefits for you?

  • Good-looking and clear advertising materials that will build a positive image of your brand and will help your customers get the right message
  • Consistency with the marketing concept of your company that will make your advertising materials a key factor in building brand identity.
  • We use proven software such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and FrameMaker for smooth cooperation with printing houses.

We carry out desktop publishing projects involving the following types of documents:

and many more…

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