Types of materials that we translate

Translation is for us just one part of the translation process. We bring you PDF filesready to be printed  and software localization fies ready for use straightaway. We also implement the translated content onto your website usingHTML files or replacing content in content management systems (CMS).

Documents – desktop publishing – DTP

Translation of manuals and technical documentation

Manuals and guides

We provide you with user manuals that are ready for use immediately. We handle text and graphics. Technical drawings? Complex graphics? CAD diagrams? It’s our specialty.


PDF editing

Converting PDF files into editable formats can be a formidable task. But for us it is bread and butter. We can efficiently convert any type of file, like PDFs drawings or scanned documents, into editable formats.


InDesign and FrameMaker

Our services include desktop-publishing using proven software: efficient, reliable and professional. No hassle at the printer’s guaranteed. If you choose us, you will get a reliable partner that will take care of your materials all along the process.

Software localization – interfaces and applications

Website content translation

We will translate the content of your website to any language. We offer you assistance at each stage of the website design – from creating text to designing graphics to publishing the content using the CMS software.

Human-machine interfaces

We offer professional adjustment of interfaces to the end users’ needs. We focus on reliability, accuracy, consistency, and usability of our translations.

Mobile apps and games

We translate mobile applications, as apps in your customers’ target language boost your profits. How does it work? It’s not rocket science: a well-translated text boosts usability which, in turn, increases the number of downloads.

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