Technical translation

The price for translation is calculated based on the number of words, specific languages and on how  complex  the  subject-matter and  graphics are.

Technical translation

Technical texts and jargon

We specialize in technical translation. We boast an extensive experience and know-how required to handle specialized translation . We carry out translation projects for companies operating in various industries, including the construction industry, electronics, IT or engineering.

We combine our linguistic knowledge with subject-matter expertise.. This way, we are able to meet even the most rigorous industry standards  of translation and  editing of graphical elements such as technical drawings or circuit diagrams. This involves working with various file formats.

During this type of work we pay particular attention to the accuracy of translation which means, in particular,  correct use of technical vocabulary. We also use professional terminology management tools, with term bases being constantly expanded and updated.

Our translations are also consistent with the house style of your company. As a result you get materials polished down to the finest detail and ready for use straightaway.

Technical translation

What makes our technical translation stand out?

  • You get: materials that are written in accurate language and flawless on the technical and graphical side;
  • translation consistent with your communication strategy;
  • materials that are visually attractive and user-friendly
  • materials consistent in terms of style, terminology, and graphics;
  • multiple services from a single provider;
  • professional desktop-publishing consistent with formatting standards;
  • time and costs savings;
  • language and technical consultancy;
  • technical support, including assistance during the process of publishing the website content.
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Technical translation – fields of expertise

Do you do business in the engineering, electronics, construction or IT industry? We will help your company gain ground in the market by providing you with accurate translations and exquisite graphic designs. Show your customers that you are a true professional. Let others find you and see the best of you.

Verification and proofreading

We put quality first. This is why we double-check translations before we send them to you. You can order a comprehensive translation service or proofreading.

Languages we translate to and from

We adhere to the rule that a translation, to be correct and accurate, must be do be done by a native speaker of a target language who also has expert knowledge on the subject-matter of a text to be translated. Our translators and proofreaders will do their best to provide you with top quality translations.