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Professional translation into Polish

We specialise in written translation of technical texts into Polish. We translate

  • We work with various file formats
  • We offer professional PDF file editing
  • We work with InDesign and FrameMaker file formats
  • We translate website content directly in the HTML format

Comprehensive translation and graphic design services

Did you know that...

professional translation services can contribute to a virtually unlimited development of your company?

Such is the power of successful communication with your target audience.

IntoPolish is not just another translation services provider. Our workflow is based on the cooperation of experts in various fields. This cooperation is the cornerstone of quality. We are totally committed to all the services we offer as we are industry experts and our work is also our passion.

What is our guarantee?

Expert team

We are a multi-disciplinary team.This is why we can offer you a range of extra services to support your company’s activities in the Polish market. We offer professional desktop publishing (DTP) of advertising materials and various kinds of graphic design projects, including technical drawing editing.

Fair price

Each quote is provided on an individual basis based on the number of characters in the text to be translated. If there are repetitions in the text, the rate will be reduced accordingly.

Clear terms of cooperation

Honesty and mutual respect are the basis of our cooperation with clients. Each order receives a free quote on an individual basis. Do you want to know how your translation project will proceed? See how to order a translation

Keeping to deadlines

We perfectly understand the principles of business communication. Therefore we deliver our services efficiently and never exceed the deadlines agreed upon with you.

Information security

Each project is implemented in a way which provides maximum comfort to out clients. We are committed to the highest standards of text quality but we also keep your information confidential.

We use proven software

We perform all our tasks using the proven software which sets the standards in the translation and DTP world. We rely on the Adobe suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop). FrameMaker holds no secrets for us as well.

Comprehensive services

Offering multi-disciplinary services, a convenient completion date and fair price are not the only things that we take into account. The coherence and terminological consistency of your materials are the added value for you. Whether we prepare texts, advertising materials or a website, we speak the language of your company!

Marketing support

We provide services that are crucial for a successful communication of your company with your customers. We translate website content, adjusting it to the needs and expectations of Polish target audience and optimise the texts for search engines. We keep a watchful eye on the content all along the project implementation – also while it is being uploaded to the CMS system.

The knowledge of the realities of the Polish market allows us to be successful in online marketing and plan effective AdWords campaigns to improve brand awareness among Polish consumers.

From translation to publication

The intoPolish team brings together the expertise and experience of the professionals whose aim is to provide your company with comprehensive translation services – from translation to proofreading to DTP to website translation and promotion on the Internet.

We will support activities of your company in the Polish market by providing you with carefully and reliably translated content which is certain to get your message across to the customers.

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We translate within the pairs of languages which are currently of key importance in business communication, offering translations from

Translation projects within other language pairs are also possible based on individual arrangements.

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