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Professional translation into Polish

We are experts in translation of technical texts into the Polish language. We translate, among others:

We work with various file formats

InDesign file translationFrameMaker file translation

We work with InDesign and FrameMaker file formats

HTML file translationXML file translation

We translate website content directly in the  HTML format

See what subject-matters we specialize in

Specialized translation of texts in the field engineering.


Texts in the field of engineering hold no secrets for us. We navigate the subject-matter with ease, constantly expanding out term base and editing technical drawings.

Specialized translation of texts in the field of IT


We know the IT sector inside-out, having both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. We will provide you with a perfectly accurate translation of your text. Our services go far beyond just translating though. We work with source codes and with CMS software.

Specialized translation of texts in the construction industry.


We will help your company achieve success. We work with any types of documents needed in the construction industry such as texts, drawings and CAD diagrams.

Specialized translation for the electronics industry


We translate materials for end customers and experts in the electronics industry. We provide accurate translation of user manuals, create catchy commercial texts, and design nice looking brochures.

Languages we translate to and from


We are masters in our mother tongue.


We offer translation from German.


We offer translation from English.

Other language pairs

We also offer translation within other language pairs.

What can we guarantee you?

an expert team

Expert team

We offer professional desktop publishing (DTP) of advertising materials and various kinds of graphic design projects, including editing of technical drawings.

fair price for translation

Fair price

Each quote is provided on an individual basis based on the number of characters in the text to be translated. If parts of the text repeat within a document, the rate will be reduced accordingly.
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clear terms of cooperation

Clear terms of cooperation

Our cooperation with clients is based on honesty and mutual trust. Each order is priced individually. Do you want to know how we will handle your translation project?
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on-time delivery

Keeping to deadlines

We fully understand the principles of business communication. Therefore we deliver our services efficiently and always meet the deadlines.

information security during translation into Polish

Information security

We handle each project in a way which provides maximum comfort to out clients. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of text quality while keeping your information confidential.

proven software

We use proven software

We perform all our tasks using the proven software which sets the standards in the translation and DTP world. We use the Adobe suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop). FrameMaker holds no secrets for us as well.

comprehensive translation services

Comprehensive services

Cross-disciplinary services, convenient lead times and fair prices are not the only things that we take into account. The coherence and terminological consistency of your materials are the added value you get. Whether we prepare texts, advertising materials or a website, we speak the language of your company!

translation of marketing texts

Marketing support

We provide services that are crucial for a successful communication of your company with your customers. We translate website content, adjusting it to the needs and expectations of Polish target audience and perform search engine optimization. We keep a watchful eye on the content all along the project – also while the content uploaded to the CMS system.

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