How much is a translation service?

What does the price for translation depend on?

Translation is a complex service. This is why the price depends on a number of factors. It is crucial what language the text is to be translated from and into and how complex is the subject-matter.

The price is also affected by additional services, if any, such as proofreading, graphic design and desktop-publishing. Non-editable format (PDF file or scanned document) or numerous graphical elements require extra work which affects the price accordingly.

The price list presented below will give you a rough idea of the costs. If you want to estimate the price of translation by yourself, use our calculator. You can also send your text by e‑mail or upload it via our form to get an attractive offer.

Translation services price list

Service Rate per word Rate per page [200 words]
Translation from German into Polish from 0.07 Euro from 14 Euro
Translation from English into Polish from 0.06 Euro from 12 Euro
Translation from Polish into German from 0.09 Euro from 18 Euro
Polish into English from 0.09 Euro from 18 Euro

Extra services

Service Price
Additional proofreading of translation into Polish from 4 Euro per page [200 words]
PDF file conversion and editing from 2 Euro per physical page
DTP using InDesign software from 2 Euro per physical page
DTP using FrameMaker software from 3 Euro per physical page
Website editing free of charge (as part of a translation service)
preliminary, non-binding estimate 
(estimate a price for translation)
1 day
[days] days
Please send me a quote for translation: Language: [u_lang] Subject: [u_subject]
Proofreading? [u_proofreading]
File format: [u_format]
(minimum price)
Specify the number of words
To see the number of words in MS Office, go to the “Review”tab and select “Word Count”. If you have a PDF or other format file, you can copy the text to MS Word and then check the word count.
Choose language combination
For other language pairs use the request form. We will send you a customized and binding quote.
Choose subject
Depending on the subject-matter, translations are done by experts with proper qualifications, which may affect the price.
Need proofreading?
Quality comes with our translations as a standard. However, some types of materials, in particular materials to be published) may require additional ironing out so that they are top quality.
Depending on file format extra editing may be necessary. Estimated price is calculated based on the number of physical pages.
Specify the number of physical pages.
Enter the number of physical pages (e.g. the number of pages in a PDF file)


Total net price ? EUR
Deadline [business days]: ? days
Calculation details
Price for translation: - words × - = -
Price for proofreading: - words × - = -
DTP: - pages × - = -
All prices are net prices. If your company has an active EU VAT ID and is registered outside of Poland, net prices are payable prices (VAT need not be added).
Otherwise 23% VAT must be added.