Website contents translation

The price for translation is calculated  based on the number of words, specific languages and on how  complex the  subject-matter and  graphics are.

Translation of website content from   English from 0.06 Euro per word– check our prices.

Website contents translation

The world is becoming a global village  with geographical borders getting blurred with the prevalent use of the Internet. It is something incredible that you don’t have to be physically present in  overseas  to run your business there. You basically have to meet just one condition:  efficiently communicate with your overseas customers. It is all you need to achieve success in a foreign market.

We take a comprehensive approach

If you think that translating a website is an enormous challenge, you are right. The final result is combination of numerous aspects. So how does it look in practice? It is all about choosing the right specialized translation provider that will carry out each stage of the project.

In intoPolish we focus on translating the text but also on how it works. We make it work for you, shape it so that it boosts the reputation of your company and make it an effective sales tool. There is more to website content than just words. Emotions and images rooted in the target culture, if present in your website, make a promise to your customers.

We translate websites into words that easily understood by your target customers and by the Google search engine alike. The content we create is  SEO-friendly, but that’s not all. We combine the intangible – emotions, ideas – with solid technical foundation. We focus on making your website user-friendly. If needed, we will help you manage it: you can always count on reliabletechnical support.

tłumaczenia stron internetowych z ofertami pracy

What will you get as part of a website translation service?

Comprehensive service: an additional benefit for businesses that don’t have extensive IT structure. We do the IT part so there is no need to involve sub-contractors. Website translation includes:

  • Translation of website content – reliable, accurate and substantially correct
  • Website content localization
  • Work with target files
  • Handling content in WordPress and in other CMS software
  • Software localization.

We offer translation of websites in WordPress

which is now one of the most popular systems for managing content on websites and blogs. If need be, we make editorial changes and add necessary translation plugins such as WPML). We translate texts and website elements. If needed and not provided by the developer, we can also design a Polish version of a template.

Translation of content in WordPress

We work on source files

We translate content in HTML, XML, SQL, PHP and in other file formats

If your website has not already been prepared for localization, we will work with its source files. If needed, we replace the entire data base. We use FTP, MySQL and other popular technologies such as, in particular.

technologie stron internetowych

What makes us stand out?

Why are our localization services a great choice?


Firstly: We offer language and technical support throughout the product life cycle.

Comprehensive services

Secondly: We offer interdisciplinary servicesso we can help you in any aspect of your business.


Thirdly: We are focused on long-term cooperation with you throughout the process of introducing your products or services to the market.


Consistency of all the materials that we develop for you is an natural consequence of the comprehensiveness of our services with each part of the entire project being in line with a coherent marketing concept.

Website content replacement

If you are planning to launch your product or service into the Polish market but you are not an expert on web development, you probably need to turn to professionals for assistance.

We do it from “A” to… WWW

We have extensive experience in working with the WordPress system and, if needed, we can also handle less common, proprietary applications.

podmiana treści w tłumaczeniach stron internetowych

Once upon a time...

a web design company has been commissioned a website content translation. At first the company sent us an MS Word document, assuming that upon the completion of translation, the document would be copied from the Word file back into the CMS.

intoPolish ensures you get the perfect end product

To save painstaking efforts, we offered our own procedure for importing the translated text into the content management system. This way the HTML code was intact and the translation was imported to the CMS system seamlessly. It clearly shows that a well prepared text is a prerequisite of a successful translation.

We localize web applications

We translate website/application components in the selected file format.

You can send us your source files for translation. We will translate them according to the specification of your choice and in accordance with the standards provided for specific file formats. You can also rely on us if you need to internationalize (i18n) or localize your applications (i10n) to bring them in line with needs of Polish users.

The following are the most commonly used file formats: XML (XLIFF), PHP, Qt, .po, .mo, JSON, CSV, INI, etc.

We offer translation of applications and frameworks including: WordPress, Symfony, etc.

Simply speaking, our versatility allows us to handle any format supported by your applications.

More about software localization

pliki lokalizacyjne (l10n) stron internetowych (xliff, xml)

Get a quote for your website translation

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Price for translation of a website

per word per page [200 słów]
from German into Polish from 0.07 Euro from 14 Euro
from English into Polish from 0.06 Euro from 12 Euro

Price estimate is base on the word count. We always strive to offer fair prices. This is why we use tools that take into account the repetitions in the text to be translated. Thus, the price is reduced accordingly as we will not charge you for words in the text that appear more than once. You can e‑mail us your file to get a quote, use the quotation formavailable at our website or estimate the price for translation using our calculator.

If need be, we work with any file format. You can e‑mail or upload a text copied from your website and pasted into a Word file. This is a good solution if your website is relatively small. The only thing to agree upon is who will upload the translated text onto the website.

If your website is extensive, it is better to work with target files. We can translate your text directly in the HTML code or in the CMS on which your website is based. In the latter case, appropriate plugins must be used to create a multi-language version of your website. Our clients can choose to do it by themselves or to have us do the task. We can efficiently run the translation process in any situation and  support our clients at each stage of the process and afterwards.

It all depends o the specific arrangements with the client. We can deliver you the text alone or, if need be, replace the original content with the translation. We support our clients at each stage and in every aspect of this process.

As with any other type of translation we start from estimating the cost. We download the website and analyze its volume. You can also estimate the cost of translation by yourself, using our calculator.

After you have accepted the quotation, we will adjust the content replacement strategy to the technology in which your website has been designed. Then, we will prepare the files for translation and pass them on to our translators. Of course, in addition to translating the content of the subpages of the website, we also translate template elements , widgets or texts in the administration panel – all as part of the service if you need.

The translated texts are then undergo the proofreading process after which they are localized, that is adapted to the needs and customs of the target audience. Then, the ready texts are uploaded to the website. You can do it yourself or have us do it, depending on individual arrangements.

The final stage of the project involves the putting the final touches after which you can enjoy the new, multi-language version of your website. If you wish, we will continue to take part in your endeavor, providing you technical support or bringing updates to the content of your website.

You can modify the content of your website. If need be, we can bring the updates to your website through the content management systems. We also offer language and technical support as a follow-up to the translation service. This service is especially beneficial for those who do not have sufficient knowledge to manage the website themselves.

Localization means adjusting the website content to the needs and requirements of the target market, customers, and culture. It is the final stage of the website translation project, bringing the website in line with the local standards, and thus boosting the positive image of your company in the foreign markets.