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Quick quote

To get a quotation for a translation service just use the quotation form or send us a query by e‑mail to

You will topically get a quotation for translation within about 30 minutes.

FAQ – frequently asked questions

Yes, but usually the difference is in favor of the client. The price list and the calculator offer only rough estimates.

We set the final price upon viewing the content to be translated.

Typically in about 60% of cases  the price we offer is lower then indicated in the price list or by the calculator. The reason is that repetitions in the source text allow us to reduce the price accordingly.

In about 25% of cases the price is the same as specified in the price list or by the calculator, while in about 15% of cases  the price is insignificantly higher.

Yes, if you want to receive a binding offer.

This is why the price list and the calculator are available. You can use them to get a preliminary estimate of the price for translation and compare it with other offers in the market. If the price looks attractive to you, we will be happy to provide you with a binding offer.

Don’t worry, we are committed to protecting the confidentiality of your documents. If you wish, we can sign the  non-disclosure agreement at the quotation stage.

We need your e‑mail to answer   the questions   you have sent us via the query form. We will not use it for any other purposes.

We estimate the price of translation based on the word count.  If the translation service involves work with graphics,   the level of the complexity of graphical elements also affects the price estimate. We always take repetitions into account and  reduce the price accordingly.

We ensure the security of your files using encrypted connection and a reliable hosting service.

We estimate prices by ourselves because the price of translation is affected not only by the word count and the subject-matter but also by the level of text complexity which cannot be assessed using automated processes. If the content to be translated is in the PDF format, we also take into  account the level of difficulty of converting the file into an editable format.