Software localization

The price for translation is calculated based on the number of words, specific languages and on how complex the subject-matter and graphics are.

Software translation and localization

User-friendly interface and easy-to-understand messages

“Individual approach to each customer” is a catchphrase often used by various companies. The reasoning behind it is correct. Who doesn’t like individual approach? However, a promise given is not the way to earn the customers’ trust. A promise kept is.

How to make the customers feel that you treat them in an individual manner? Just break the language barrier and speak their language! This rule is followed by every global company. As a result, software manufacturers offer their product and services in multiple languages. Customers now expect software and application interfaces to be provided in their native languages, which necessitates multi-stage approach from translation companies:
Stage one: translation
Stage two: content localization

Localized software is key to success. How does it look in practice? We offer much more than just translation! Translating text from the source to the target language is just one thing. All the more important, and difficult, is the adaptation of software to specific characteristics of the language, culture and legal aspects of the target market. Such an adaptation, or localization, to use a technical term, involves using appropriate units of measurement and date formats.

Translation and localization of a new software version should also be consistent with the previous ones so that the user can easily use the software regardless of its version.


Why are our localization services a great choice?

  • Comprehensiveness
    We ensure translation of all software elements, including messages, diagrams, graphics, and documentation. In our work we focus on each and every linguistic, technical, and graphical detail.
  • Terminological consistency
    The localization process is supported by proven content management tools. We create a special translation memory for each project, which ensures consistency with previous software versions.
  • Streamlined price
    We are a team of experts in various fields so we can provide you with even most complex services. There is no need to involve IT experts or expert consultants, which allows us to offer you reasonable prices.

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