Translation and localization of mobile applications

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Translation and localization of mobile applications

Natural communication without language barriers

A lot has changed since first smartphones appeared in the market. At first they were taken lightly and were seen as just another gadget. Today there are an estimated 1.5 billion smartphones in use around the world. The natural consequence of the increasing numbers of smartphones in use is the growing popularity of mobile applications which have become indispensable everyday companions for millions of users.

Mobile apps define the value of a brand. Users rate them based numerous qualities such as the visual aspects, the layout, user experience and, first of all, their usability. The way the messages are conveyed greatly affects the rating of the usability. This is why applications should be available in the users’ native language.

Well-translated app = more downloads

Well-translated applications make a brand trustworthy in the eyes of the customers and boost the positive brand image. This results in more downloads which translates into higher benefits for the company. The challenge is to meet the customers’ growing expectations. It is now not enough for application messages to be in language understandable by its users. It is now crucial for applications to look as if they were designed form scratch with the target market in mind, and not just artificially adapted.

Increasing the reach of your brand thanks to localization of applications

Localization means adapting functional elements of software to the specific needs and requirements of the target market. Successful adaptation of content requires taking into account all cultural and language peculiarities of the target market. Content should also be adapted to the method of communication preferred by the target users. Then, the language barrier will be broken, thus bringing your brand closer to success in foreign markets.

Translation and localization of video games

Video games have recently become one of the most popular forms of entertainment and the claim that number of gamers is increasing is supported by statistical data. There are an estimated 7 million gamers in Poland, which means that every fifth Pole plays video games in his or her free time. It is also no secret that video game publishers are now enjoying rapidly growing profits. According to estimates the Polish video game market is worth 650 million PLN and counting.
Role-playing games are now all the rage, and the secret of their success lies in the methods of increasing their reach. Video game publishers are fully aware of the fact that a game can conquer the world only if gamers feel that it has been created specially for them. Therefore, it is indisputable that characters must speak gamers’ native languages. But is translation alone enough to succeed?

From translation to localization

Accurate translation of a video game requires highly advanced and diverse skills and knowledge. This type of task typically combines the characteristics of marketing, technical, and literary translation. Therefore, stylistic prowess is a must as is the knowledge of IT and the awareness of the context in which a game is set.

Important as it is, correct translation is not the only thing that makes a video game successful. Due to the complexity of video games, the end result can be achieved only after a multi-stage process has been successfully completed. Therefore, translation must be complemented with localization, which basically means adapting the text to the customs as well as to cultural and linguistic norms established in the country of the target audience. Only then does the final result stand a chance of being accepted by customers. Ideally, the message to the customers should sound as created from scratch in their native language.

What makes our translations stand out

Why our localization service is a great choice?

Comprehensive services

We carry out a comprehensive localization projects, which involves much more than just translating spoken and written texts in a game. We also translate manuals, readme files, texts on boxes, websites, as well as user interfaces and all kinds of text graphics.

Terminological consistency

The multi-disciplinary team is our asset. It allows us to offer you translation of all game-related texts and graphical elements. This, combined with the help of professional content management tools, makes the translation complete, coherent, and consistent.

Know-how and specialized knowledge

Our team comprises experts in numerous fields. Therefore video game localization projects give us a chance to combine our linguistic and stylistic proficiency with our extensive knowledge on audiovisual media.

Video game market

7 million estimated number of gamers in Poland,


...of gamers are women


... and counting: the number of developers who have published their apps on Google Play.

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