English-Polish translation

The price for translation is calculated based on the number of words, specific languages and on how complex the subject-matter and graphics are.

Translation from English into Polish

Do you do business with companies or are planning to launch your product into the Polish market? You don’t know where to start from? The best idea is to start from effective communication as it always pays off.


This is how we approach English/Polish translation

It is not enough to speak Polish. You have to to speak the language of your customers. We keep this in mind while translating your texts. We take the purpose and target audience of the text into consideration.

The final product is adjusted to their needs.

What does this mean in practice? Technical texts are highly formalized in terms of style. We keep this in mind as well as keeping terminology up-to-date. Moroover, we guarantee that texts intended for your customers will always be adjusted to marketing needs.

Our English/Polish translators

Our English/Polish translators have extensive knowledge of the subject-matter of the texts they translate. While working on a text, they take into account the style of communicating in a specific industry as well as the values promoted by our client.

Materials that we often translate into Polish

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