PDF File Conversion

(Portable -> editable) Document Format

PDF is one of the most common file formats in document circulation. Direct edition of a PDF file, although theoretically possible, is limited by the technical aspects of the format. There are programs enabling the conversion to the editable formats, but the end result leaves much to be desired. The file may look all right at first glance but it rarely lends itself to further edition. Files formatted by means of a converter program have a superficially good look, but in the process of translation, when the font size has been changed, the end result is far from the generally accepted standards. The solution would be for the client to provide the translator with an editable format file. If it is not possible, we have the means to handle such a situation.

A well-prepared text

Before the translation begins, we convert the files into the Word format applying the rules of layout. The text to be translated should be as similar as possible to the source file in terms of the graphics and layout. When the complexity of formatting is greater and so are the vector graphics requirements, we convert the files to the InDesign format making full use of the possibilities of this program that are missing in the MS Word. A file well prepared before translation offers a number of benefits and is cost-effective.

Once upon a time...

an automotive company needed 100 pages to be translated with a short deadline. The client had only a PDF file. Due to the time constraints, the contractor of the translation assigned it to two translators, each having done their part separately. The end product was clearly cut into two separate parts differing in style. Because the quality of translation was poor, the client decided to change the translations services provider and they chose intoPolish.

We took a radically different approach. We also assigned the translation to two persons. One was the IT expert who prepared the editable file, while the other was an experienced translator. As a result, the client received a high-quality document with the right layout and translated in keeping with terminological consistency. This example shows how crucial the right procedures are.