Revision and Proofreading

Another pair of eyes is on the watch

IntoPolish is a team made up of complementary experts who combine their skills to provide you with a top-quality, meticulously prepared material. Your texts go through a multi-level revision. Having been translated, the text is proofread by an expert whose perception of the material is not affected by the source text. This way, the expert takes the target reader's perspective who critically evaluates the text and irons out any language and graphical imperfections. While introducing corrections, the proofreader takes into account the context in which the target text is set. They read the text attentively to revise it in terms of the language. Such a multi-level procedure is indispensable when the text is supposed to be published. The IntoPolish team carries out the revision procedure on a language, specialised and DTP level. This results in the final product rigorously checked for imperfections by various experts who make up our team. The end result is the text meeting the highest standards.

What can we do for you?

  • We focus on text quality
  • We proofread the translated text and put it through a thorough subject-matter verification
  • We closely analyse all the details
  • We edit the text to make it relevant for the marketing strategy
  • We focus on terminology and graphics
  • We adapt the text to the internal language of your company

Human creativity is virtually limitless and the multitude of fields of endeavour entails the richness and variety of specialised language. This forces the translator to acquire an extensive expert knowledge in their respective fields of translation on top of their perfect language skills. On numerous occasions, the text needs to be proofread not so much by a linguist-translator but by an expert in a field from which the text originates. You can rest assured that the intoPolish experts will thoroughly analyse your text, eliminating any technical inaccuracies as well as ensuring top quality generally accepted within the industry. Ever changing realities of life and human creativity – new technologies and discoveries, novel ideas and inventions – they all require from the members of our team continuous development and perfecting the knowledge and skills. We do just that to provide you with the linguistically neat, substantive correct and comprehensively desktop-published text which has been brought to perfection by our team.

Your text in good hands

IntoPolish experts do not stop their work at translation. Our team is made up of professionals who have attained a high level of expertise and experience. Their task is a specialised revision. This way, you receive a text thoroughly verified and meeting generally accepted industry standards.

Revision as the key to success

Client revision is the final stage of the translation process. It allows us to achieve a perfect end product, i.e. a correct translation in terms of the language, faithful to the source text and compliant with the industry terminology, as well as featuring excellent graphics. The proofreading philosophy is always adjusted to the type of text. Commercial text proofreading focuses on the language correctness and the mentality of the Polish user. Technical texts, on the other hand, require a specialist revision.

You make the final decision

The intoPolish team comprises experts in a variety of fields. Therefore, our translations are up to language and graphic standards as well as in keeping with generally used terminology. However, we are aware of the fact that many companies use their own specific terminology. Keeping this in mind, we will translate the text according to your company's internal language! Thus, we are open to your suggestions concerning specific terminology standards. For the sake of quality, we cooperate with the client in the final revision process. Any suggestions let us improve the term base making the future translations better aligned with the Client's terminology.

We supervise the final version

Top quality translation is our priority, therefore we adjust the revision process to the type of text. Consultation with the Client is the final stage of the process aiming at adjusting the terminology to the company standards. The intoPolish team takes an active part in the correction process, introducing changes to the text. Proven procedures ensure that you receive a text consistent with your company's internal language.

Did you know that...

well translated technical texts are a result of multi-field expert cooperation?