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Website translation is a challenging task that requires a high level of responsibility and involvement on the part of a translator. An effective website text plays a key role in establishing the position of a company or a businessperson both on a global and local level. Website translation is not only about transferring the content into another language. It should facilitate the creation of a globally recognisable, personalised company image. Helpful in achieving this goal is the text adjusted to the needs of a target market.

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What can we do for you?

  • We put your contents into Polish words
  • We adjust the language to the requirements and needs of Polish Internet users
  • We do search engine optimization
  • We watch over the process of importing contents to the CMS systems
  • We assist you in creating a positive image of your brand!
  • We also design exceptional/unique/uncommon/unconventional/original websites

Website language optimisation

Search engine optimisation (eg. for Google, Yahoo, Bing) is a key element helping to direct the internet traffic to your website. It positively influences the sales and increases your online visibility. A multi-language website offers an auspicious start for a company but it requires the right optimisation to maximise the benefits it could bring.

How does it work?

Search engines use words that appear at a website to index the website in search results. Therefore, it is important to include the right keywords. Search engine optimization is becoming an important aspect of website translation. We start at determining the keywords and then we include them in the website content in a natural and balanced way.

Once upon a time...

a web design company was commissioned with a website content translation. At first the company sent us an MS Word document assuming that upon the completion of translation, the document would be copied from the Word file back into the CMS.

IntoPolish means the properly prepared text

To save painstaking efforts, we offered our own procedure for importing the translated content into the CMS. This way, the HTML code stayed intact and the translation got imported to the CMS system. It clearly shows that a well prepared text is a prerequisite of a successful translation.