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Specialized terminology

We offer our services to companies whose aim is to enter the Polish market as well as to those which have already launched their products in Poland. We provide DTP and language services bolstering the professional company image through successful customer communications. Our team strive for top quality translations from German and English.

We carry out numerous translation projects within well-defined specialization fields. This approach allows us to provide translations that stand out both in terms of language quality and subject-matter expertise. We use professional terminology management tools and keep the term base constantly updated which makes it possible for us to comply with stringent industry standards of style and specialized vocabulary.

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Engineering translation

Translation in the field of civil engineering requires precision and in-depth knowledge of the industry. Therefore, our English and German translators' advanced technical knowledge is a prerequisite for correct translation. We carry out content verification accompanied by DTP of each translation as a standard which enables us to offer you top quality translations of user manuals, technical documentation as well as operation and maintenance manuals. The services that we provide are comprehensive, as besides working on the text, we also do the editing of technical drawings.

Translation - engineering

Precise rendering of the source text meaning in the target text is what matters most in translation of engineering texts. As our translators are also professional engineers, they are able to translate material engineering, transport infrastructure or construction law texts in a correct manner. Moreover, we do our best to continuously update our term base.

We are familiar with the building management system terminology and contemporary trends in design of building automation and intelligent buildings. We also have a knowledge of the HAVC system standards as well as the guidelines of major organisations, in particular of ASHRAE. The technical aspects of automation systems - from the executive level related to control units to the level of communication between devices through such media as electrical grid or the industrial Ethernet - are not unknown to us either.

IT translation

Translation - IT

Rapid development of the IT results in the need for specific, comprehensive and top-quality translation services. Our team provides quality IT translation and software localisation which is a service of adapting the content to the target language conventions.

We know the data centre technology inside-out and we are familiar with security, power distribution, and uninterruptible power supply systems. Our expertise also involves climate control systems for various levels of power packing density. We are fully aware of the possibilities offered by the rack technology and we have extensive knowledge of the equipment that can be rack-mounted.

We use SAP terminology. We are familiar with the data base technology and the SQL language. We do direct source code editing in the PHP, ASP, or JSP language which saves you the additional costs for the IT personnel. We can also translate HTML files directly, maintaining the tagging. We translate website content based on popular content management systems, such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla.

Translation for the construction industry

Translation - construction industry

Translation for the construction industry requires knowledge of the realities of the industry as well as an interdisciplinary approach. Our translations are accompanied by the DTP, which is of great importance in the case of the construction documentation. We work with common types of text such as technical documentation with CAD drawings or tender documentation. We take care of each and every detail of text and graphics which are crucial for user manuals or all sorts of projects.

Did you know that...

  • construction contractors in Poland are usually selected through procurement procedures?
  • the tender may be rejected due to incorrect translation of tender documentation?
  • graphical aspect of technical documentation plays a crucial role in the construction industry (->we translate drawing legends and CAD drawings)?
  • correct translation of construction documents is an outcome of language proficiency, extensive technical knowledge, and considerable experience in specialized translation?

Translation for the electronic industry

Translation - electronics industry

The electronics market is in a state of constant change which necessitates high quality specialized translation of expert articles and marketing materials for target users. Flawless translation of electronics related texts is a result of language skills, technical knowledge, and experience - the features which make our translators stand out. We take utmost care in preparing product specifications, user manuals, product data sheets, and contributions for specialized magazines. We also translate customer-oriented texts, such as brochures or web content. This types of text are proofread for stylistic features and adjusted to the needs of marketing communications.

Did you know that...

  • manufacturers and resellers are required to supply their products with user manuals in an official language of the country in which the products are marketed?
  • imprecisely or incorrectly translated manual negatively affects the manufacturer's image?
  • translation of wiring diagrams requires meticulous attention to detail? Technological knowledge is indispensable but diagram layout and plotting text onto diagrams without compromising their quality is equally important.
  • terminological correctness of translation affects the intelligibility of the documentation and thus the safety of its users?