Polish Translation and Localisation of Software

Polish Translation & Localisation of Software

User-friendly interface and clear messages

One of the most common slogans used by multiple companies offering different kinds of services goes “an individual approach to the customer”. This thinking is quite right: who does not like to be treated in a unique way? However, it is not making a promise that earns you the trust of your customers but keeping it.

How to make a customer feel special? The only thing it takes to overcome the communication barrier is to start speaking their language. Most globally operating brands are guided by this very principle. As a result, the golden rule applied by software producers is to provide several language versions of their product. The customers have already got used to this. Thus, a multi-stage text preparation has become a standard:
Stage 1: translation of the text
Stage 2: adapting the contents to the local requirements

The key to success is the software localisation. What does it look like in practice? We are offering you much more than just a translation! Translating a text from a source to a target language is nothing unusual. The trick is to adapt the software to the particularities of the target market in language, cultural and legal terms. This involves applying adequate units of measurements and formats of dates.

It is particularly important to maintain the coherence in different versions of the same product, so the customer is able to use it trouble-free regardless of its update date.

Why choose our localisation services into Polish?

  • Comprehensiveness
    We provide translation of all software elements, including messages, diagrams, graphics and documents. We work on all language, technical and graphic details.
  • Coherence
    The localisation process is supported by proven contents management tools. A customised translation memory is created for every project. This enables us to ensure coherence with previous versions of the same product.
  • Optimum Price
    Providing a complex service is a standard for our interdisciplinary team. There is no need to involve additional IT specialists or expert consultants, which makes it possible for us to offer you reasonable prices.