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Manuals & Guides

Translation of manuals and technical documentation

The manual is the main source of information on how to use a machine or device correctly, therefore the health and safety regulations refer the user to the manuals for more detailed information.

While translating manuals, we focus on two key elements - quality and cost-effectiveness. We offer the most competitive prices on the market. Our cost optimisation system is also used for the provision of terminological consistency of the manuals translated.

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Technical texts and jargon

Technical texts constitute a specific type of text, as sole language correctness does not guarantee a successful translation. We are fully aware of the fact that translation is not only a text transfer from one language to another. More than that, it is a matter of choice of correct terminology, the maintenance of terminological consistency and setting the target text in the social and cultural realities of its native speakers. This is a great challenge but intoPolish is a team of rigidly selected expert linguists and industry professionals who have all the necessary know-how and skills to face it.

What can we do for you?

  • We offer accurate translation of technical texts
  • We take care of the technical terminology
  • We perform subject-matter verification
  • We ensure textual coherence and terminological consistency
  • We do the DTP – diagrams, technical drawings, etc.