Tłumaczenie biznesowe

Translation from Polish into English

Do you consider establishing business contacts abroad? It’s about time you took the first step. And remember that a high-quality translation of your website and product portfolio is a key investment.

Translation from Polish into English is fundamental but the details obviously depend on the marketing strategy you have adopted.

This is how we approach Polish-into-English translation

We don’t set our sights on translating as many characters as possible, but instead we take care of the quality of your texts. Therefore, we translate texts into English with the target audience in mind, taking into consideration the characteristics which the translated document should have.

Proper style and register are the characteristics of a good Polish-into-English translation. Keeping to those rules, we create the translation which effectively conveys the message to your foreign target audience.

Our Polish-into-English translators

While we translate your texts from Polish into foreign languages we have an ambitious goal in mind - to build the success of your company in international markets. We can do it by means of well selected words.

Our Polish-into-English translators are passionate not only about language but also about the way texts work as marketing messages within the cultural context.

If need be, we will suggest additional proofreading by a native speaker of the target language. This way the translation handed over to you will meet the expectations of the target audience.

Materials that we often translate into English

  • Requests for proposal
  • Correspondence
  • Brochures, leaflets
  • Advertising slogans and radio/TV adverts
  • Website content
  • Social networking service content and message board posts

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